This course is delivered in Zurich, Switzerland in conjunction with our training partners Edelweiss Tactical

Weapons & Tactics

Weapons-&-Tacfire-smallThe highly respected Edelweiss TacFire Weapons & Tactics programme is a proven method adapted for use by Police Special Operations. The main focus is on the combat mind set, skills and tactics in high stress situations and the use of the dual weapons system for Rapid target analysis, assessment and acquisition.

• Operation fundamentals, Shooting positions, Marksmanship accuracy
• Cornering skills & fighting to cover, Ambidextrous Firearms, Weapons Transitions
• Instinctive shooting & Surgical Shooting


5 Days


Open to civilian, law enforcement, military and all skills levels.


Full CBAs and range kits, Long Weapons M4, AKM, SIG553, Short Weapons Glocks, SIGs.

Course Accreditation

Course is accredited by the NRA and Edelweiss Tactical.

Course Cost

Course costs vary depending on time of year, group size, exchange rates (Swiss Francs). Please contact the office for up-to-date pricing.


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