Tactical Driving Course

Security Training IReland

Course Description

The Tactical driving programme is a unique course that ensures you have the right skill set to operate and survive in any driving environment whether civilian, hostile, or on the track. As you learn the physics behind the engine and gearbox you will tune in to the engine until driver and car fit like hand in glove. Our instructors combine front line, covert military, law enforcement and professional F1 racing experience to give you the best of all worlds.

• Car Positioning for Manoeuvrability, High-Speed Hazard Perception and Speed

• Brakes and Acceleration for Turns, Manoeuvres and Car Stability

Course Booking

Contact Us Nationwide today to provisionally book a place on this course.


Full drivers licence. Open to beginners, civilian, law enforcement, military and all skills levels.

Course Cost

Course costs vary depending on time of year, group size, exchange rates (Swiss Francs). Please contact the office for up-to-date pricing.

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Accreditation

Course is accredited by Edelweiss Tactical.