online court room procedures

Online Court Room Procedures


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It is our aim to continually improve standards within the Irish Private Security industry by providing quality training solutions and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for our colleagues that exceed industry best practice. As security professionals work and develop their roles within our industry there is always a need for additional information or upskilling in new areas. ICSE commit to providing the very best training resources possible to address these additional training needs.

The first of these training options is our Court Room Procedures training resource. Designed and developed in conjunction with legal experts the course aims to provide a security professional with an introduction to the legal system and what to expect should they be required to attend court and give evidence. The program is approximately 50 minutes in length including assessments. View the short trailer below to find out more about this exciting course!

Online Court Room Procedures for Security Personnel

ICSE’s online Court Room Procedures training program is designed to provide security personnel with a basic introduction to an Irish court room and how a criminal/civil case unfolds. The aim of this training resource is to remove some of the mystery surrounding a court room and court case providing the modern Irish security professional with essential knowledge surrounding the operations of a court under the following sections.

Section 1 Introduction to the training resource
Section 2 Introduction to Irish Courts
Section 3 Introduction to types of Irish Law
Section 4 Layout of a Court Room
Section 5 The process of a Criminal Case
Section 6 Preparing for the Court Room
Section 7 Giving Evidence
Section 8 Summary

online court room procedures

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