Physical Intervention Techniques Level 1


Course Description

Participants on this programme learn the basic skills of Physical Intervention Techniques. This entry level programme provides learners with the knowledge and techniques which, once practised regularly, can be utilised by security personnel to effect physical intervention.

Ideal for entry door staff, this programme addresses the following areas:

  1. Reasonable Force and the Law
  2. The Fence
  3. Entry to physical intervention from the fence position
  4. Controlling semi-compliant patrons
  5. Controlling aggressive patrons
  6. Transport techniques for non-compliant patrons
  7. Releases and transitions from restraints     

Course Duration

1/2 Day – Normally from 13:00 to 18:00.

Course Requirements

Participants are required to dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and be ready for physical exercise. It is advisable to also bring a towel and water to ensure you stay hydrated. Participants are also required to complete a medical questionnaire and waiver prior to starting this programme.

Course Accreditation

This course is accredited by the International Centre for Security Excellence. Should participants want a certificate of attendance one can be provided for an additional €5.

Course Cost

This course costs €50 per participant.

Course Booking

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