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Handgun-Operator-GreyscaleLearn the dynamic concepts of the modern combat handgun and the role of the handgun operator. Starting with the fundamentals you will move quickly into mastering surgical shooting and applying technical skills to maintain high levels of situation awareness whilst also being fast and effective.

Not only will you become highly proficient, you will also develop a combat mindset, high speed weapon manipulation, fast and effective on target shots whilst maintaining a high level of safety awareness.


Open to beginners, civilian, law enforcement, military and all skills levels.

Course Accreditation

Course is accredited by the NRA and Edelweiss Tactical.

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ASAA Europe and ICSE 2 day Intermediate Handgun Course

ASAA Europe and ICSE 2 day Intermediate Handgun Course

Course Cost

Course costs vary depending on time of year, group size, exchange rates (Swiss Francs). Please contact the office for up-to-date pricing.

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