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Both Door & Guarding (QQI Level 4)

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 Door & Guarding Course

award winners IITD awards 2017

Completing both the Door & Guarding Courses leading to two QQI Level 4 awards is perfect solution for candidates who want the best possible chance to secure future employment in the security industry. Candidates who complete both courses and attain both licences can secure employed in the private security industry in Ireland in occupations such as a security guarding, cash in transit, event, retail, door and hotel security. After you graduate from this programme you can get your license and start working immediately!

Security Training Courses Dublin Cork

We are the largest and most experienced provider of security training in Ireland and over 10,000 people have qualified by taking our award winning security training programmes.
Due to the very high quality of our courses our graduates are in demand and are available to work as security operatives in factories, retail, hospitals, building sites and compounds (Safe pass also needed), monitoring, cash in transit, key holding and response, nightclubs, pubs, hotels, large concerts and sporting events, balls and much more.

Our Most Popular Security Training Course

Over 80% of applicants choose to complete both QQI Level 4 Door Security Procedures and Guarding Skills training courses with us! Not only does it represent the best value option but it gives learners the ultimate advantage in securing work in the private security industry in Ireland. Successful graduates are eligible to apply for both the Door and Guarding security licences from the PSA and in this growing economy candidates holding both licenses will always have an upper hand in securing employment.

Employers need versatility in their operatives, the more areas you can work in, the more work you can get, it’s as simple as that. Some participants can be put off completing the door training as they never want to work in a night club or pub but don’t be. Many candidates with a door licence don’t work on night club or pub doors but rather work at low risk events like bars in corporate areas at concerts or events, Christmas Corporate parties or weddings in hotels. Low risk areas but ones that require the door licence never the less. Increase your employability, complete both courses and get both licences.

Course Duration

Both current QQI level 4 courses are comprised of 100 hours learning. Of this, 30 hours is direct contact between the trainer and learner in a class room setting. The balance (over 70 hours) is provided to you, the learner, to study at home in your own time and at your own pace. On examining both the current training programmes the Private Security Authority (PSA) found that as a minimum 80% of the courses are actually the same. For example fire safety, health and safety, relevant legislation, etc. are covered on both courses.

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ICSE have arranged our training days in modular form to allow students to complete the common aspects of each training programme first before moving on to the specialist aspects of each programme.
This programme is delivered through a blended learning approach with a total of 5 days direct contact between trainer and student over two weeks. This course duration allows the participants the correct amount of time to complete the required self-directed aspect of the programme. Participants are also required to complete some pre-course work, practice, study and reflection but nothing too taxing so don’t worry about it we are always on hand to help you through the process!

ICSE guarding skills security courses

We make sure you are supported every step of the way. Learners complete a home study element of the course prior to attending the training programme which covers the more theoretical aspects of the programme. The more practical aspects and skills learning are developed during the class room days.

If you are returning to education for the first time in a long time, please don’t be put off by the home study aspect.

It’s our job to help you through the process, and this programme was designed with you in mind. The course materials and learning aids are second to none and our trainers and admin staff are here to help with every aspect of the process.

Course Cost

The total cost for the combined 5 day training programme is €350. This includes:

  1. All course notes in PDF.
  2. Home study pack including our specialised Training Manual.
  3. PSA license application assistance.
  4. TRF letter confirming training completion for PSA license application.
  5. Door Security Procedures QQI Level 4 Certificate.
  6. Basic Guarding Skills QQI Level 4 Certificate
  7. Access to Irish Security Job opportunities listed on ICSE Facebook page.

Exemptions: €20 of the cost is charged by QQI for certification. Participants who are on the live register or are the holder of a medical card are exempt from the €20 fee. We just need you to bring proof to the training course and we can arrange a refund for you!

Course Requirements

Participants are required to bring a photocopy of their passport or drivers licence, two passport-size photos and their PPS number for registration purposes on their training day. Candidates must also have an active email address in order to request their Private Security Authoriy licence application pack.

Course Accreditation

This course is accredited by QQI and successful candidates attain a QQI level 4 minor award in Door Security Procedures and a QQI Level 4 minor award in Basic Guarding Skills award.

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Work at Any Concert, Festival or Sporting Event

Did you know? – Some areas of work for security personnel at concerts or events require those working there to hold a licence. In fact while licenses are not required for the event sector yet the majority of event security employers are looking for candidates with licenses. Why? Because it has become the industry norm and importantly an employer knows that anyone applying for a job with a license has been trained to a minimum of QQI level 4 and vetted by the Garda. Holding both licences provides candidates with a multitude of employment options and opportunities. As a result, the majority of our participants even those thinking of only working in the event sector complete both training courses. (The PSA hope to introduce licensing fully for individual in the event sector by Summer of 2017).

Fact Sheets

For further details on our Door Security Procedures or Guarding Skills courses please download our Fact Sheets below.

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Door Security Procedure Fact Sheet


Guarding Skills Fact Sheet


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