Conflict Management Type 1

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Course Description

ICSE Conflict Management’s Personal Safety programme provides learners with the essential skills and techniques to identify, prevent and manage workplace conflict and aggression.

This personal safety programme provides trainees with as many techniques as possible to prevent aggression or conflict from happening in their specific workplace. Each programme is unique and designed specifically around the training needs of the group we are training with and the workplace we are training in. Trainers focus on practical aggression-defusing techniques and the key aspects of personal safety.

Course Requirements

Participants are required to dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and be ready for physical exercise. It is advisable to also bring a towel and water to ensure you stay hydrated. Participants are also required to complete a medical questionnaire and waiver prior to starting this programme.

Course Booking

Contact Us Nationwide today to provisionally book a place on this course.

Course Accreditation

This course is accredited by the International Centre for Security Excellence.

Course Cost

Course costs vary depending on group size, location, accreditation and specific requirements. Please contact the office for a quote.
Course Booking

Course Duration

This programme is delivered in one half-day session. It is delivered through a mixture of role play, video review, group tasks, skills demonstrations, peer evaluation and other interactive techniques. This allows for quick transfer of techniques directly to the workplace.

Conflict Management Fact Sheet 1