Conflict Management (QQI Level 6)

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Course Description

ICSE Conflict Management’s QQI Level 6 award explores conflict management theories and their practical application to the workplace. This programme is suitable for frontline staff who due to the nature of their work require an accredited award, and for those involved in workplace violence policy development.

Course Duration

QQI level 6 courses are comprised of 150 hours learning. Of this, 50 hours is direct contact between the trainer and learner. The balance is allocated towards home study by the learner.

This programme is delivered through a blended learning approach with 6 days direct contact between trainer and student over three weeks. This course duration allows the participants the correct amount of time to complete the required self-directed aspect of the programme. Participants are also required to complete some pre-course work, practice, study and reflection. Learners complete a home study element of the course prior to attending the training programme which covers the more theoretical aspects of the programme. The more practical aspects and skills learning are developed during the class room days.

If you are returning to education for the first time in a long time, please don’t be put off by the home study aspect. It’s our job to help you through the process, and this programme was designed with you in mind. The course materials and learning aids are second to none and our trainers and admin staff are here to help with every aspect of the process.

Course Booking

Contact Us Nationwide today to provisionally book a place on this course.

Course Accreditation

This course is accredited by QQI and successful candidates attain a QQI level 6 minor award in Conflict Management.

Course Cost

Course costs vary depending on group size, location, accreditation and specific requirements. Please contact the office for a quote.

Course Requirements

Participants are required to bring a photocopy of their passport or drivers licence, two passport-size photos and their PPS number for registration purposes.

N.B. Due to the introduction of certification fees on all QQI courses, participants who are exempt from these fees will be required to produce evidence of this from either the Department of Social Protection, FÁS or Local Employment Service.

Conflict Management Fact Sheet 3