Tony O’Brien

Tony O’Brien has worked and trained extensively in the conflict management, safety and security fields over the past 17 years. He has worked across all sectors of the security industry from customer service based roles right through to medium and high risk environments in retail and nightclub security. Tony developed an excellent reputation as an operative at an early age in the industry and moved into management and training roles in 2006.

Working in these areas at both an operational and management level Tony developed systems and procedures to enhance the safety of employees and customers in a range of businesses. He implemented staff training programmes which were proven to be safe and effective and delivered hugely positive results in terms of reduction in staff incidents and complaints and an increase in staff morale, confidence and company business results.

Based on these results Tony began designing and developing conflict management and safety programmes for ICSE which have been delivered to a range of public and private sector clients across Ireland.

Tony’s professional qualifications include certifications in the delivery of Conflict Management and Physical Intervention from City and Guilds, MAYBO and The Crisis Prevention Institute. Tony also holds recognised professional qualifications in Managing Safety and Risk assessment from IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and CIEH Level 3 Safety Management Certificate and a Certificate in Criminal Psychology. In addition to these Tony has trained extensively around Europe in other high risk areas such as Aviation Safety & Security and Tactical Firearms. He holds a level 7 Diploma in Training and Education and is currently completing a level 8 Degree in Business Management.

Outside of his professional qualifications Tony has a diverse 28 year background in Martial Arts and Self Defence. His martial arts experience has taken him all over the world where he has had the opportunity to train and teach personal safety to a huge range of students from police officers, prison service and military personnel to children and students with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.