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Thursday, 24 Apr 2014

Door Security Procedures (FETAC Level 4)

Course Description

In order to apply for a Door Security Licence with the Private security Authority (PSA) applicants must complete the FETAC Level 4 Door Security Procedures training course. This course covers aspects of the skills, knowledge and theory required by participants to prepare them for working in the night time economy as a doorman, door woman or door supervisor. A detailed fact sheet is available for down load for further information on this course.

Course Duration

Due to recent developments with FETAC this course duration has been altered significantly. This course covers the skills, knowledge and theory required by participants to prepare them for working as a door supervisor within a nightclub, pub, hotel or entertainment security environment. The 100 hour course is delivered through a blended learning approach. The indirect aspect is broken up through a series of pre course work, practice time, study time, reflection time. Learners must conduct a home study element of the course prior to attending training programme which covers the more theoretical aspects of the programme. The more practical aspects and skills learning developed during direct contact. This course requires candidates to attend 4 classroom days.

Course Cost

The total cost for this 4 day training course is €175. This includes:

  1. All course notes in PDF Format.
  2. Home study pack.
  3. PSA License application form.
  4. TRF Letter confirming training completion for PSA license application.
  5. Door Security Procedures FETAC Level 4 Certificate.
  6. €40 Discount on FETAC Level 4 Static Guarding course (Cost of Static Guarding course once you have completed Door Security Procedures with ICSE is only €135!).
  7. First access to Irish Security Job opportunities listed on Mark Toners face book page.

Ready To Work Package

The Ready To Work package includes Door Security Procedures (FETAC Level 4) and also Static Guarding Skills (FETAC Level 4) with the Private Security Authority (PSA) Door Supervisor & Security Guard Static licences included for only €500. This package contains all the necessary qualifications and PSA licence applications required to work in the Irish security industry. More information can be found by clicking here.

Course Requirements

Participants are required to bring a photocopy of their passport or drivers licence, two passport sized photos and their PPS number for registration purposes.

Course Accreditation

This course is accredited by QQI/FETAC and successful candidates attain a FETAC level 4 minor award in Door Security Procedures (4N1114).

Fact Sheet

For further details on our Door Security Procedures courses please download our Door Security Fact Sheet from our resources page. It can be found by clicking here.

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